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Aesthetic Services

Aesthetician Services for Healthy, Vibrant Skin


When you want younger, smoother, more vibrant-looking skin, our Medi-Slim Weight Loss Center and Spa services include your choice of solutions. Our licensed Aesthetician provides chemical peels, facialsmicrodermabrasion and medical-grade skin care products that will have you looking and feeling younger. Some of our more advanced treatments include:

MicroPen® and Dermapen®: a revolution in skin care

These FDA-approved electronic devices use advanced skin needling technology to treat wrinkles, acne scars, burns and more. Microneedling treatments also stimulate new collagen to improve depressed scars, safely and precisely. It is among the most technologically advanced nonsurgical cosmetic skin treatments available.

Our micropens use tiny, superfine needles that roll over your skin, causing controlled damage that stimulates collagen production. As collagen increases, your skin becomes more elastic, less wrinkled and better textured. Microneedliing is effective on sagging skin, fine lines, scars, wrinkles and stretch marks. It even stimulates wound healing because it tightens, lifts and rejuvenates your skin.

Perfect Peel: dramatic results without the pain of chemical peels

If you’ve experienced other chemical skin peels, you know they can be painful. Perfect Peel produces dramatic, visible results with very little downtime and zero pain. In fact, a single Perfect Peel will achieve significant skin repair and add a youthful, healthy glow. Perfect Peel repairs skin damaged by sun exposure and acne. Even clients with younger skin and no visible signs of damage use Perfect Peel as a preventive treatment to avoid future skin problems.

Results can last several months when you maintain skin care and avoid sun exposure. Most clients have Perfect Peel three or four times per year. Perfect Peel also works with the complete spectrum of skin types, including African-American, Indian, Latin and Asian. These clients experience anti-aging and restorative skin benefits that were previously unavailable with other peels.

Experience the best skin-rejuvenating treatments and other Aesthetic solutions at the most trusted beauty and wellness center in Las Vegas. Come to Medi-Slim Weight Loss Center and Spa. We also serve the cities of Summerlin South, Henderson, North Las Vegas, Spring Valley and neighboring areas.

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