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Medi-Slim Program

Effective Weight Loss Without Restrictive Diets

For most people trying to lose weight, the hardest part is voluntarily restricting their diets. The second-hardest part is following a grueling or inconvenient exercise routine. With Medi-Slim, you can eliminate restrictive diets and boring exercise routines. Our physician-supervised weight loss programs use the most effective prescription therapy and natural, medical-grade diet aids. Our weight loss supplements and medications do not contain ephedra.

Our fast weight loss diet with prescription medication therapy helps you lose weight by reducing your hunger and helping you cope with food cravings. Of course, simply taking a weight loss pill is not the whole answer for real long-lasting, safe weight loss. Our diet medications have been used successfully for over 25 years without any serious side effects.

Work with a physician trained in bariatrics (weight loss)

Our clients work with our bariatric-trained physician, certified health coach and nutritionist. That’s how we educate you about behavior modification to keep the weight off and provide injection therapy with vitamin B12 shots to increase your energy and activity levels. We also use pharmaceutical-grade natural appetite suppressants that can only be obtained through a physician. These are not like weight loss products sold in grocery stores, on television or over the Internet. Our products do not contain any harmful products. We use natural diet aids to produce safe, effective and quick weight loss for clients who cannot or will not use prescription medications.

We also use the most state-of-the-art body composition scale in Las Vegas that provides us with detailed color printouts. So you can see exactly how much fat and lean tissue you have and monitor your progress. In addition to helping you lose weight, we help you save money with frequent special offers and weight loss program discounts.

Enjoy personal health coaching as you lose weight

It all adds up to powerful, effective weight loss solutions that can help you lose two to five pounds per week with the help of your own health coach and without feeling hungry or deprived of food. Ask about the best diet pills for women and weight loss pills for men.

When you want to lose weight fast through safe, physician-supervised methods, come to Medi-Slim Weight Loss Center. We serve the cities of Henderson, Sumerlin South, Henderson, North Las Vegas, Spring Valley and close-by areas.

We offer many solutions for losing weight fast at Medi-Slim Weight Loss Center. To schedule your consultation, please call at 702-258-8456 or use our online Request an Appointment form.